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September 3, 2015 by aleadminela

People often ask me where I come up with the recipes for our Cafe….well here is the truth….I take myself out to breakfast or lunch in little towns all across the PNW and I get inspired by other menus! That is all it takes with me..I just sample something and say “I can make this”….and then I put my own spin on it. Another way I do it, is by listening to my customers. Alexa’s Cafe has always gone above and beyond allowing our guests to tailor the food they are going to enjoy at the Cafe…here is an example…we used to have a plain grilled Meatloaf Sandwich…then a customer asked for grilled onions, mushrooms and provolone cheese..YUM! We all loved it, so we added it to the mix! I will be posting recipes each month for you to try!

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